VA Architects

VA architects was founded in 2000 when new partners joined the existing company, Architects Workshop. VA architects traces its history to the year 1959 and has evolved over the years with society and new generations. Today the partners are 9 and the total number of empolyees aprox. 20. VA architects working on a variety of projects in the fields of construction, planning and project managment. VA architects has received several awards, including four times being nominated for the prestigious Mies van der Rohe award, seven times won the DV culture award. Also, VA architects has been awarded 1. prizes in numerous architectural competitions, among which are. the newly built expansion to the Reykjavik swimming hall, a nursing home in Isafjordur, and the Dalskoli- center of education, culture and sports in Ulfarsardalur..

The ideal of VA architects are is to enrich the environment with sophisticated design. We aim to be the market leader and provide service to customers with best practice and artistic creativity as primary goals.

We tackle all projects with an open mind and strive to make the design process enjoyable. Quality design based on a creativity, experience and knowledge. Our role, as architects, is to listen, understand and provide advice. We value the possibilities and unique challenges of each project independantly to achieve timeless solutions and services. At VA architects are we have a group of talented and experienced designers and architects who work together towards quality architectural solutions - from the preliminary sketches to the finished structure.