2020 -Hallgerðargata 13

Bygginging the Hallgerda Street 13, Kirkjusandi is a four to six-storey office building. The goal of the design is to create integrity and attractive street view of Sæbraut and surrounding communities. The design of the building is a collaboration between VA Danish architects and architectural Schmidt / Hammer / Lassen.

2018 - Islenska Auglysingastofan

New offices are furnished in a 730 m2 building 3 built in 1930 located in Bræðraborgarstígur Reykjavik. Our emphasis was focused on fitting the furnishing to the needs of the client and also in keeping line with the existing framework of the building which previously housed a commercial space- and industrial functions. A new concrete stair was added that connects open work space workers in the cafeteria with the meeting area.

Photographer Gunnar Sverrisson

2018 - Búrfell hydroelectric plant

The extension to the Burfell hydroelectric plant in Thjorsa is primarily subterrain. The powerhouse is located in Samastadaklifi and accessible through an entry tunnel.. The project is in progress..

2016 - Icelandair office buildings and training center

4000 m2 three storey new building for Icelandair in Hafnarfjörður houses classrooms, training facility and offices.. The design seeks to create a timeless and warm building interior contrasted by the harsh lava rock charateristic to the surrounding site..

Photography Gunnar Sverrisson

2016 - Office-, warehouse and workshop in Nuuk, Greenland

The total project is 5500 m2 and is part of the new commercial seaport in Nuuk.

2014 - Campsite in Laugardalur

The camp site in laugardalur was originally designed by Manfreð Vilhjálmsson in 1987-1989. In 2014 there was added a 200 m2 addition designed by VA Architects.

The service facility is adjacent to the campsite, and merges with the vegetated surroundings. A grass berm circles the peremeter. Out of this stand low shed roofs. In this way the building is reminiscent of the old Icelandic turf houses as well as a cluster of tents in nature. .

2013 - Loft Hostel

The Loft Hostel in Bankastræti has been awarded by the international association of hostels the best hostel in the world 2014, as reviewed by the clients.

2009 - Sultartangi hydroelectric plant

The Sultartangi hyrdroelectric plant was completed in 1999. The Sultartangi dam is the longest dam in Iceland, 6,1 km in lenght. The plant is fed by the lake at Sandfell.. From there two pipes connect the lake with the plant turbines. A seven km long drainage duct lies from the power house along Þjorsá and to the Búrfell dam below..

2007 - Centerhotel Arnarhvoll

Extension and renovation of a hotel in downtown Reykjavík . 2006 Center Hotels purchased the 3 story building with plans for adding to it and establishing a 104 room hotel on 5 floors. The hotel is designed in view of the characteristics of the original building.

CenterHotel Arnarhvoll is designed in a nordic style emphasizing a clean, refined and yet luxurious appearance.

The size of the building is 3200 m2, and was completed in 2007.

2006-2013 - Landsnet, Gylfaflöt

Adaptation of existing locations for the Landsnet headquarters.. The alterations to the existing building at Gylfaflöt 9, included some limited changes outdoor and substantial indoor renovations.. Landsnet is a 100 man workplace in constant development where the premises have been adapted to the changing needs over the last 6 years.

The size of the property is 4770 m2, and was completed in 2009.

Photography: Gunnar Sverrisson

2005-2012 - Keflavík Airport terminal building

Repair and renovation of existing buildings. The lower floors include a baggage handling area in a closed box that serves as a base for the upper floors. The upper floors house the passenger service and is a spacious and open areas with views onto the runways . Hreyfing í formum og gegnsæi eru stemmningsmótandi í flugstöðinni.

The project was completed in phases from 2005-2012. The total area of the building is approximately 20.000 m2. VA delivered the design in collaboration with TGH (Teiknistofa Garðars Halldórssonar).

2005 - Hótel Reykjvík Centrum

Hotel Reykjavik Centrum is located in the heart of downtown Reykjavik, built of an ancient foundation. The hotel is accommodated in a renovated historic building, of which the oldest part was built 1764. On both sides of the hotel and behind it there are new additions that are designed to echo the traditional architecture of Reykjavik. The hotel is on all three floors of the building and the elevations trace their linage to 19th century buildings of this area 1900.

VA collaborated with Argos architects.

The hotel is approx. 5000 m2 in size, and was completed in 2005.