2020 - Hallgerðargata 7

Contribute to Hallgerda City Street 7 the animation Gürr seven-storey apartment blocks with 77 apartments. Bygginging stands Kirkjusandur fields with views of the Sea to the north and to the south Alin Sat.. Appearance of the building aims to create diverse and exciting street view. The design of the building is a collaboration between VA Danish architects and architectural Schmidt / Hammer / Lassen.

2016 - Hellisbraut 6

The house at Hellisbraut 6 in Hellissandur stands on the site that previously accomodated the village trading station. On the beach below is the cove where fishing boats used to land, and a small cave where the fishermen tended to their catch. The surroundings of the site had stronge influence in the design of the house. The view to the ocean is magical, and to the south the Snæfellsjökull glacier towers over the village.. Closer at hand are the beach and the finely knit urban fabric of the fishing village..

The house is constructed from solid laminated wood, insulated on the outside and clad with siberian larch. The roof is vegetated with a mixture of native perennials- and grass.

Photography: Indro Candi

2016 - Frostaþing 6

Minimalism as a guide

The basic principle in the building form derives from the characteristics of the site and the nearby natural areas, the view and orientation. The building footprint was limited for practical reasons and two storeys gave the possibility of spectacular views to the north and east from the kitchen and living room. A large window on the south side connects the interior space to the sunny garden area.

The house faces the public space on two sides, east to a footpath and the street to the west. These facades are formal and with a plaster finish. The long side facing the garden are softer, clad with horizontal untreated redwood boards in various widths.

The footprint is rather long and narrow, located the northernmost part of the site thereby maintaining a generous south-facing and sheltered garden area. Next to the house is a wooden platform and futher away a lawn.. The eastern part of the property is kept undisturbed and natural. The western part towards the street is man made where simplicity is dominant. Low concrete walls frame the more intimate garden areas and support the minimalistic shape of the building.

Photography: Anna Sigríður Jóhannsdóttir

2014 - Kálfaströnd í Mývatnssveit

The residence at Kálfaströnd in Mývatnssveit is a two storey building, set on the banks of Lake Myvatn. The house was nominated for the Mies van der Rohe award in 2014. 2014.

Photography: Helga Hvam

2011 - Mógilsá, residence

The residence at Mogilsa is located on the slopes of Mount Esja. The house is designed to engage with the natural surroundings, with emphasis on the views to the south and to the west, The tranquility of the surroundings were also a paramount concern in the design process. The building comprises of two masses, each with their unique character. The larger is concrete , while the smaller is clad with stone.

Photography: Gunnar Sverrisson

2009 - Háaberg

2008 - Kaldakur

The residence at Kaldakur is approx. 420 m2 in size, and was completed in 2008.

Photography Gunnar Sverrisson.

2008 - Hafravellir

The residence at Hafravellir in Hafnarfjordur is 313 m2 in size, and was completed in 2008.

Photography Gunnar Sverrisson

2007- Þrastarás

2007 - Brákarbraut

2006 - Sóltún 8-18

Two apartment buildings housing 64 apartments are designed to provide high quality living spaces and environmental integrity. All the units are facing east/west and have balconies in both directions . The buildings are four, five and six stories high. Parking is located in the basement.

The total space is approx. 9000 m2, and was completed in 2007.

2005 - Hamarsbraut

Photography Gunnar Sverrisson