2018 - Islenska Auglysingastofan, interiors

New offices are furnished in a 730 m2 building 3 built in 1930 located in Bræðraborgarstígur Reykjavik. Our emphasis was focused on fitting the furnishing to the needs of the client and also in keeping line with the existing framework of the building which previously housed a commercial space- and industrial functions. A new concrete stair was added that connects open work space workers in the cafeteria with the meeting area.

Photographer Gunnar Sverrisson

2016 - Icelandair training center

4000 m2 new building for Icelandair in Hafnarfjordur 3 is a three storey building housing classrooms, training facility and offices.. The design seeks to create a timeless and warm building interior contrasted by the harsh lava rock charateristic to the surrounding site..

Photography Gunnar Sverrisson

2015 - ENNEMM

The new offices for the ENNEMM advertising agency were furnished in a 600m2 office building on Grenásvegur Reykjavik. The design of the premises was led by the criteria of creating a productive and comfortable environment can house many diverse activities..

Photography Gunnar Sverrisson

2014 - Kálfaströnd í Mývatnssveit

The residence at Kálfaströnd in Mývatnssveit is a two storey building, set on the banks of Lake Myvatn. The house was nominated for the Mies van der Rohe award in 2014. 2014.

Photography: Helga Hvam

2013 - Loft Hostel

The Loft Hostel in Bankastræti has been awarded by the international association of hostels the best hostel in the world 2014, as reviewed by the clients.

2011 - Mógilsá, residence

The residence at Mogilsa is located on the slopes of Mount Esja. The house is designed to engage with the natural surroundings, with emphasis on the views to the south and to the west, The tranquility of the surroundings were also a paramount concern in the design process. The building comprises of two masses, each with their unique character. The larger is concrete , while the smaller is clad with stone.

Photography: Gunnar Sverrisson

2008 - Kaldakur

The residence at Kaldakur is approx. 420 m2 in size, and was completed in 2008.

Photography Gunnar Sverrisson.

2006-2013 - Landsnet, Gylfaflöt

Adaptation of existing locations for the Landsnet headquarters.. The alterations to the existing building at Gylfaflöt 9, included some limited changes outdoor and substantial indoor renovations.. Landsnet is a 100 man workplace in constant development where the premises have been adapted to the changing needs over the last 6 years.

The size of the property is 4770 m2, and was completed in 2009.

Photography: Gunnar Sverrisson

2005 - Hamarsbraut

Photography Gunnar Sverrisson