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Your privacy is important to us at VA Architects. This policy applies to personal data that may be collected and deposited electronically, on paper or other comparable means. Our Privacy Policy covers registration, storage and processing of personal data as covered by the policy. Our Privacy Policy is published on


Terms and Privacy Policy Act on Personal Data applies at any time, as well as the relevant clauses of the EEA Agreement. The law covers, among other things,. processing, possession and transfer of personal data.


VA Architects. is responsible for the registration and collection of personal data within the scope of its acitivities. VA Architects. is based Borgartún 6, 105 Reykjavik, are lawful manager of personal information that the client might provide.. You can contact us at Borgartún 6, 105 Reykjavik, by sending a written inquiry to and by calling 530-6990.


We collect information about:

  • your name, telephone number and email to answer questions and respond to your wishes, t.d. to send you newsletters or to answer your questions and comments,
  • your name, Phone number, address along with the ID number and bank number to be able to complete and fulfill your purchase of services and activities we offer or we through the,
  • your name, PID, type, scope and date of conversion to be able to fulfill our obligation under the accounting law,
  • your name, gender, Phone number, e-mail, date of birth, age and race with your consent to send you promotional material you, offers or personalized ads,
  • your name, phone number and address with your consent in order to contact you to conduct quality control and / or if we do not hear you long,
  • photos and videos, where you come in touch with projects or trips on its behalf with your consent in order to use them on the website- and our social media pages.

You can view and use your VA Architects Ltd.. without disclosing any personal information. We do not collect information sent by your browser when you use our services, þ.e. data can include information such as your IP address, browser type, browser version, service pages you visit, date and time of your visit, the time you protected on these sites and other statistics.


We never sell your personal information. We'll never share personal information to third parties without your consent for disclosure will be available (you are free to reject) except where we are required to do so by law or in the cases listed in Annex IV. section or in the next paragraph.

We may share personal information to third parties (processors) a service, agent or our developers in order to complete the project or give you the service or product you have requested or approved. We may also share information with processors when it is necessary to protect the vital interests of ex. the collection of defaulted claim. We also share information, for statistical purposes, with processors that work with us with the quality of elementary marketing. We deliver processors only the personal information necessary for the above purposes and do with them under which they undertake an obligation to keep your information safe and used only for such purposes.

Then your attention is drawn to the content you post or share on social media sites are our public information. Your attention is drawn to that by linking your account page and social media account, you give us permission to share information with the provider of social media services and use of the information we share is governed by the policies social media privacy. If you do not want your personal information is shared with other users or with the provider of social media services, Please do not connect social media account to your account page or share content to social networks from your site.


The privacy policy does not apply to information or processing of third parties but we have no control or responsibility usage, publication or other works of. We encourage you to review their privacy policies of third parties, ,. among other. web hosting provider of the pages can refer to our, Software companies such as Facebook, Apple, Google and Microsoft as well as the payment you wish to use.


VA Architects. attaches great importance to protecting the well any personal information and therefore the appointing internal control to ensure that at all times be made appropriate technical and organizational security.

We will inform you without undue delay when it comes to security breaches regard to personal information that is associated with a higher risk for you. With a security breach as defined above refers to a breach of security leading to the accidental or unlawful destruction or personal data from loss, changes, to be published or granted access to them without permission.

Your attention is drawn, however, that you are responsible for personal information, t.d. name, ID number and photo, you choose to share or send the general level ex. through the website, chat or Facebook page Architectural VA.

We would also like to state that the data transmission on the Internet is never completely safe. You are therefore advised to inform us immediately if you believe the risk of certain information that you have given us are at risk.


VA Architects. do our best to keep personal information about you accurate and reliable and update them as needed. We guard your personal information in a maximum of two years from the end of business unless you have with your consent authorizing us to preserve them longer or if the database is necessary to meet legal obligations. We'll go over all your personal information once a year and review whether we are allowed to keep them on. If we decide that we are not allowed to keep them on, we will stop all processing of personal data by the time. If there is a possibility that personal information may be needed later to meet legal obligations;, t.d. to tax, or to institute or defend legal claim, we will take a copy of the relevant personal information and keep them in a safe form for as long as necessary.


You are entitled to and may request the following information by sending a written question on

  1. to know what personal information is recorded for you and how they arise and get access to personal information,
  2. For information about how your personal information is processed,
  3. that your personal information is updated and corrected,
  4. that your personal information is deleted, if there is no longer a reason to keep them,
  5. to oppose and / or restrict how personal data are processed,
  6. to receive personal information you have supplied us or they are sent directly to another person with the limitations that the rights and freedoms of others set,
  7. withdraw your consent to the processing of the processing is based on the authority in the same way you did it or by sending us a written inquiry,
  8. to determine whether undergoing automated decision making, þ.m.t. persónusniðs and made the argument that since it is based and also the significance and consequences of such proposed processing.

Your request will be considered and you delivered information (when appropriate) within a reasonable time, However, the limitations of rights and freedoms of others do, þ.m.t. trade and intellectual property rights. Please note that charged a special photocopying fee if requested more than one copy. You will be notified and given an explanation in case of delay of execution or if it is not possible to grant the request in full no later than one month from the date of its receipt. You can complain to the Data Protection if we refuse to give you a certain profile.

X. child's privacy

Personal information about children under 13 years is not collected (without the consent of a guardian when it is deemed necessary to turn to the life and health of the child ex. due to illness or allergies). Otherwise it does not aim VA Architectural collect or maintain personal information about any person under 13 years.


The privacy policy is regularly reviewed and may therefore be subject to changes. You are therefore advised to review their privacy policy periodically and changes in policy come into force upon publication on business; When there are material changes that affect the rights we will announce them separately with e-mail messages and / or receive a call in the context of our cooperation. We take all comments Privacy policy rejoicing and encourage you to send us your inquiry.


first approved: 12. July 2018

last modified: 12. July 2018

Privacy Representative VA Architectural is Sigþrúður Hrönn Friðriksdóttir