VA Architects have added to their services the production of Property Statements.

Rights and permission to produce Property Statements is provided by the Iceland Government and under the laws regarding multiple owner properties. . Now Sigþrúður Hrönn Friðriksdóttir as gained a licesnse to produce these documents, and offers these services.

Eignaskiptayfirlýsing is mandatory written contract owners of multifamily dwellings, prepared in accordance with fjöleignarhús tracks and stores a description of the house and its plot, The agreement is indicative allocation into private, some common and common property of all, also determines the amount of each owner individually in common and marks by basis to Rights holders each other and with respect to individual parts of a building and the plot.

Eignaskiptayfirlýsingu is registered on the basis of Her holdings dealt, are pledged, said bound, placed on the official charges, certain expenses of the house divided, votes valued at meetings held within certain cases, etc..

For whom eignaskiptayfirlýsingar?

"According to the law nr.26 / 1994 on fjöleignarhús the owners of multi-owner buildings obliged to make eignaskiptayfirlýsingu for house, provided that an adequate notarised and fair swap. "

Contact Sigþrúður Hrönn Friðriksdóttir, telephone number 5306978 or sigthrudur@vaarkitektar.is