Access tunnel to the Búrfell II hydroelectric plant nominated for The Concrete Award 2019

The Burfell Power Plant is located underground and it can therefore be said that the approach to the station is an entrance into an entire mountain. In forming the retaining wall we sought to highlight the experience of disappearing into the mountain; the local landscape low walls appear to the passersby and that rise momentarily before disappearing into the mountain wall as a soft arched form .

We designed the retaining walls in consultation with Landsvirkjun to be build from environmentally friendly concrete that is new to this country. This is a kind of pilot project where we investigated how this cement will stand up to the Icelandic environmental conditions.

The project was designed in collaboration with Verkis engineering and the Landark, while the green concrete was developed in collaboration with the Icelandic Institution of Innovation

Further information regarding the nomination for the annual award of the Concrete Association of Iceland can be seen here :